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Name: Benjamin Scott Coulson Howe
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
High School:
Collegiate School (Class of 2008)
High School Diploma
Carnegie Mellon University (Class of 2012)
Bachelor of Humanities and Arts
Psychology and Architecture
Graduate School:
Harvard Graduate School of Education (Class of 2013)
Master of Education Candidate
Human Development and Psychology
Professional Development:
Harvard Graduate School of Education & Harvard Graduate School of Design
Effective Education + Innovative Learning Environments Institute
June 8 & 9, 2011
Athletics: Varsity Swimmer for Carnegie Mellon University (2008-2012)

Relevant Coursework (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

Education Courses: Introduction To Applied Data Analysis; Introduction To Educational Neuroscience; Growing Up In A Media World; Innovation By Design: Projects in Educational Technology; Designing and Producing Media for Learning; Entrepreneurship in the Education Marketplace; Universal Design for Learning: Meeting the Challenge of Individual Differences; Program Evaluation

Relevant Coursework (Carnegie Mellon University)

General Education Courses: Interpretaion & Argument; Critical Histories of The Arts; Materials, Energy & The Enviornment; Statistical Reason & Practice; Globalization Through History; Computing at Carnegie Mellon; Spanish 101 & 102; BXA Research Seminar; Experimental Design For Behavioral & Social Sciences; The Role of Technology & Learning in The 21st Century

Architecture Courses: Architecture Studio: Form, Space, Composition, Materials, Site; Introduction To Digital Media I & II; Drawing I & II; Physics For Architecture; Statics; Structures; Site Engineering & Foundations; Materials & Assembly; Environment I & II; Architectural Lighting Design; Human Factors In Architecture; Historical Survey of World Architecture & Urbanization; American House & Housing Architecture History; Mexican & Guatemalen Architecture History; Architecture Explorations: Teaching & Learning

Psychology Courses: Social Psychology; Abnormal Psychology; Personality; Cognitive Psychology; Principles of Child Development Psychology; Practicum In Child Development; Research Methods In Developmental Psychology; Cognitive Development; Stress Coping & Well-Being

Dual Thesis: H&SS Honors Thesis & BXA Capstone Project (Thesis)


Proficiency in Stata, SPSS, and Microsoft Office.

Proficiency in AutoCAD, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Rhinoceros, and V-Ray.

Familiarity and working knowledge of such techniques as woodworking; drafting of plans, sections, elevations, and axonometric; study model building in cardboard and chipboard; final model building in wood, foamcore, and Bristol board; one-point-perspective drawing; two-point perspective drawing; orthographic drawing; and paraline drawing; 3D printing; laser cutting machines; CNC milling; V-Ray rendering in Rhinoceros.

Work Experience

Lifelong Kindergarten Group, MIT Media Lab (Learning Resources Developer): August 2012 – Present / Cambridge, Massachusetts

Develop videos, tutorials, and other online resources as part of the learning research and design team preparing the launch of Scratch 2.0. (

iCarnegie (Higher Education Researcher): July 2012 – August 2012 / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Researched the higher education structure of developing countries around the world and developed a database of articles to use for reference.

Carnegie Mellon University (Teaching Assistant): August 2010 - May 2012 / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I helped teach a class of four-year-old children under the mentorship of a professional preschool teacher as well as helped out with other various activites and tasks that needed to be done at the Carnegie Mellon Children's School.

3North Architect Firm (Architectural Intern): May 2008, May 2009 - August 2009 / Richmond, Virginia

I built a 3 x 5 foot working study model for the Stony Point Sabot School.
I worked on AutoCad construction documents, floor plans, and elevations for the Gottwald-Herndon House and Carolina Inn.
I helped build a 20 x 25 foot walk on model of the Monroe Park Renovation Plan.

NOVA of Virginia Aquatics (Swim Instructor): 2007 - 2012 / Richmond, Virginia

I teach children aged 3-9 on how to swim at the beginner and advanced beginner level.
I also teach private lessons to children and adults upon request.

Senior Aide At Collegiate School (Teaching Assistant): September 2007 - May 2008 / Richmond, Virginia

Assisted instructor of 4th grade art class at Collegiate School with implementation of curriculum.
Mentored 4th grade art students and encouraged children to use art as a means to convey emotion and spark dicussion about relative social issues.

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